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Hello, I am Louisa

BVM BVS (Hons) BVMedSci (Hons) MRCVS

My goal is to help improve our horse population's health and well-being using a comprehensive approach to their care, based on the unique skill set I have developed during my career.

I am a little different to many other horse nutritionists because I am also a practising equine vet. This means I have a thorough, first-hand understanding of the health problems affecting today's horse population and the difficulties faced by owners and vets when trying to address these issues.

The problems and diseases, which affect the modern horse population, have changed significantly over the last twenty years. Successful management of issues such as gastric ulcers, PSSM and EMS relies heavily on diet and management modification alongside veterinary treatment. I launched Vetrition in 2020 with the aim of providing expert, tailor-made and evidence-based advice on diet and management.

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The world of equine nutrition is vast and ever expanding! Many equine vets can often feel overwhelmed and under qualified to offer specialised dietary advice, particularly for those horses competing at the top level. Vetrition is now offering a fantastic, unique and specialised approach to equine nutrition. We first used Vetrition for nutritional advice for one of our client's dressage stallions who has made the short list for the 2024 Olympic Games! Since Louisa analysed his nutritional requirements, looked at where he had been lacking and advised what the client could improve on both client and vet are extremely pleased with the progress he has made!

Christopher R. Akkari
BVMedSci (Hons) BVM BVS (Hons) MRCVS Ringneill Equine Clinic

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